Berkshire Teams Make Use of Ropes Course

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Girls JV soccer uses the ropes course

Charlotte Parsons
January 8, 2012
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Tucked inside the wonderful Berkshire forests, is an amazing state of the art ropes course. Mr. Anselmi is charge of the ropes course, along with a few other of the Berkshire Faculty. I remember going on the course when I was a freshman, four years ago, and it was a complete bonding experience. It took all of the awkwardness of being new away, and broke everyone out of his or her shell. I did the high ropes, which involved scary heights and harnesses and Mr. Barros assured me that they were safe. That says a lot! Although at the time, the ropes course seems like a fun and easy activity, which it is, we never get to look back and reflect on the bonding experience of it all. This year, the freshman also went up on the ropes course and they said it was a completely bonding experience. “It was scary at first, but we had different challenges that brought us close together as a form,” says Caroline Welch (Form III).

Different teams used the course this year, and although there was no time for the high ropes, they got to try out the low ropes. That involved trust falls, different wires to walk on, and different obstacles to conquer.  “The struggle that the ropes course gives us can sometimes be frustrating, but when you conquer it as a team – that’s the best feeling of all,” says my “little sister” Maureen McCarthy (Form IV).  The ropes course offers more than just a way to work together, it gives the teams a chance to step off of the field and accomplish something completely different than their respective sports. It is a nice break from everyday field life, and can bond the team in a way they didn’t think was possible. Even as SIBs, my team and I went out one day. We laughed and joked around while doing a wire obstacle, and saw different sides of one another. We had good conversation, and really connected even more as a team. We would fall and fail a few times, and Mr. Enselmi would tell us to really think about the way which we were communicating and how we could improve. After we were finished, we sat down with Mr. Enselmi and reflected about what we accomplished and our communicating skills.  You can ask any team, and although the ropes course can get frustrating at times, the success of accomplishing an obstacle as a team is completely worth it.


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