Invisible Children- Student Perspective

Elizabeth Benedict, Reporter
November 17, 2011
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The presentation made by Invisible Children on Monday was both a humbling and moving experience for the Berkshire community. Their video was well made with excellent video footage, pictures, music, and text, which effectively communicated why, and what the Invisible Children Organization stands for. The Invisible Children organization’s presentation had a positive impact on the Berkshire community by making students aware of the situation, and also inspiring students to take action. The overwhelming response from students in all grades was amazing to see, and many immediately made a Front Line page online. These pages are where people can make donations, and the money goes directly to the Protection Plan. Students have enlisted their friends, classmates, teammates, and family members to help support Invisible Children. The social activism of Invisible Children has prompted teens across America to raise money in order to help rebuild schools and provide scholarships for the Ugandan children.

Right away Berkshire students took advantage of this opportunity to make a difference in the world as a community. We are now in fourth place out of 2,422 teams.



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